Saturday, July 26, 2008

My dreams are just as alive...

O, i haven't been blogging in over a month. Well the big news, FLASHNEWS, is that i'm fabulously and freshly turning 19 years old tomorrow (the 27th). Fresh start...
To keep you updated, i've been:
eating more veggies and yogurt (new addiction is straciella)
working at Jennyfer in the BelleEpine Centre
meeting new people
exercising with my brother (i've lost 3 pounds and so on...)
buying some goodies
on and on and on...
However, things get better. The biggest thing, beside my sisters' trips, is my upcoming departure for a new life in the city of London! There is this spark right in the middle of my heart that flicks on everytime i think about the adventures ahead of me. *it's happening again*
Finally, one of my dreams is coming true. I'm moving to London in a few weeks and attending school as a "Fashion student" *giggles*
I'm looking forward to what the future holds for me because no matter how hard it will get, i know that great things will be right in the corner to uplift my spirit.