Saturday, May 31, 2008

Shipped from Africa

My new dress!

african girl

I just got it today. My mom bought the fabric and they sewed it for me. Yippiezzz!!!
It's actually a shirt that came with its wrapped bottom, like a traditional African tenue.
It's not quite the one i desired, but i love it as much :)

Thanks mom!

Friday, May 30, 2008

I just want your kiss boy...

Today was just fantastic! Also my last day of work with Cruella. Well i guess she wasn't such a Cruella as i had thought. During the past 2 days, Thursday and Friday, she was so nice to me :)
We even joked around! haha, i know. Who knew that she was so human?
It has just thought me to be patient with people and see beyond they're character. She said that i should pass by sometimes in the future just to say "bonjour" or grab une baguette :b
I even got a flan and a huge bread as a gift. Happiness.
The biggest highlight was, of course, this boy who also worked with me. Lionel he was named. Maybe i should of kept that private, but O well, it's a free world. Isn't it?
Anyway, he didn't actually work with me, but he worked there. In the back, he's a baker. So cute, so so cute! however, we didn't connect. When i asked him to make one poulet crudité for a client, he responded " j'ai pas le temps. Et pourquoi tu'le fais pas toi même?" I mean, it was his job, why couldn't HE do it?? tough i ended up doing the deed myself. The dude was, how shall i say this, oddly social. At times he laughed with/at me when i made mistakes; and at other times, he was just not in the mood or simply ignored me. I don't even know what i'm talking about exactly. It's hard to explain. I've never met someone like him before. What an experience. At least he said "aurevoir" before he left :)

New addiction: Kate Nash - Pumkin soup

pumkin soup

And boy, is that boy Wesley Goode a hunk *_^

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Blah du jour

Missing my little sis...

This week is been long...but only 2 more days of working with Cruella :b
The weather's been weird. It's so dark outside. Rain, rain, and more rain. I, who thought that summer was just around the corner. Guess i was wrong on that part.

A bit stressed, and yet again, looking for a public university in London.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Baby sitting my adorable niece today since it's my day off.
She's asleep and i am taking the time to blog away...
Sipping on my café au lait...
No croissant because of my régime.
Thinking about buying a laptop once my dad comes back.

* i found my screen name, the easiest ever! i randomly tried it et voilà, it worked! *

I miss the camera, i am so inspired to dress fantastic for the day, unfortunaly, no es possible. Again, sister has gone to Germany, Berlin with it. O, she better get me something to recompense me.
I stayed up so late yesterday 'til 2 a.m. to call my sister who leaves in the U.S.A. -boy do i miss her- When i called, it was 8 p.m. there. 6 heures de différence for now.

And there is this gorgeous dress that i want my mom to sew for me. It's made out of African fabric. I saw it from the magazine Amina. Here is a pic of the dress.

The fabric is from

I absolutely love their prints and little details on the fabrics. I adore everything about their designs, so well structured and creative!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Start of a week

Things started out so well. I took the bus right on time. Didn't even have to wait over 3 minutes. It's a great way to start off the week.
Today was ooookay :) at work. I didn't get yelled at as usual. Just got a few heads up. En plus, there was a lady who complimented on my hair (which i thought made me look a bit monter-ish, no really...because i don't really know how to manage my afro.)
There is a new lady i'm working with now. She's 56 years old and so sweet and funny!

Came back home around 17h15ish because my daily "workly" trip is an hour long.

The bad part is that i can't remember my screen name for this university which i'm in the process of applying. Thankfully, i'm off tomorrow. So i will spend most of my time on the cp trying to finish off all my priorities work, or at least most of them.
Gotta think hard now to remember that screen name...merde!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Everybody's leaving...

Today, my little sister left for Germany. She's going on a school trip and will be back in a week. My dad also took a trip for a month to NeverLand...
But anyways, my sister took the ipod and the camera with her as well, meaning that i will be music-less in the bus on my way to work for this week. Very unfortunate, i know!

Urrgh, back to work tomorrow. What a fast weekend it's been :(
It's not that i don't like to work, i really do, believe me, but i'd rather work somewhere i like and actually enjoy what i do.

As of now, i'm thinking about going to London for summer vacation.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Today, at work...TGIF!


I was actually about 8 minutes late to work, but thankfully la patronne didn't say anything about it. I work from 9h to 16h. It's tiring because i'm standing the whole 7 hours. No breaks!
I just drink water. So i'm just a bit expecting to lose a few pounds from this.
I only have 1 more week left working with her. And O, is she direct. Which i admire, however, sometimes, she goes overboard. She loves to stand behind the glass shield and talk about people who pass by...beware if you have "excess meat" because she will point it out! which makes me feel very conscious about myself at work.
Anyway, today while i was cleaning the place, i left the bucket of soapy water right in the middle of the floor. Next thing i hear is "Foooosh!" she kicked the bucket and spilled water all over and started yelling "Qui est-ce qui a mit ce truc ici?!...oh mon dieu, ça fait chier! oh la la..." - so she basically went on and on with something like that and more. I just kept quiet.
At the end of the day, before i left, she was talking about sex, abortion, and birth control pills with 12 years old girls, which is good/bad...i'm not sure there. Still quiet. I just wanted to run out of there and go home.

So hopefully on Monday, i'll do better.

Aahh, we finally got canal+
Going to watch some movie now. Bonne nuit.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Call me Labelloola. New girl in a new spot.

It's official, i have made my first blog today.

So many things have been happening in life lately, as usual. Just thought it would be nice for a change and share my daily experiences with others, or even the other way around.
Here it goes!