Friday, May 23, 2008

Today, at work...TGIF!


I was actually about 8 minutes late to work, but thankfully la patronne didn't say anything about it. I work from 9h to 16h. It's tiring because i'm standing the whole 7 hours. No breaks!
I just drink water. So i'm just a bit expecting to lose a few pounds from this.
I only have 1 more week left working with her. And O, is she direct. Which i admire, however, sometimes, she goes overboard. She loves to stand behind the glass shield and talk about people who pass by...beware if you have "excess meat" because she will point it out! which makes me feel very conscious about myself at work.
Anyway, today while i was cleaning the place, i left the bucket of soapy water right in the middle of the floor. Next thing i hear is "Foooosh!" she kicked the bucket and spilled water all over and started yelling "Qui est-ce qui a mit ce truc ici?!...oh mon dieu, ça fait chier! oh la la..." - so she basically went on and on with something like that and more. I just kept quiet.
At the end of the day, before i left, she was talking about sex, abortion, and birth control pills with 12 years old girls, which is good/bad...i'm not sure there. Still quiet. I just wanted to run out of there and go home.

So hopefully on Monday, i'll do better.

Aahh, we finally got canal+
Going to watch some movie now. Bonne nuit.