Monday, June 11, 2012

Instagram addict

I have a Samsung Galaxy II and instagram is one of my top fav app, I'm loving it and you can find me on it
In the little black dress
One of my samples
Summer crush, butterflies, falling...story.
9 days til I go to America!!! I'm so excited!!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Hiya!!! Just on Thursday I attend the London College of Fashion FashOnFood Event and it was so eye opening debating about the relationship between fashion and food. Made me wonder about many things. The subject ended up being centered around the subject of sustainability. I'm just thinking how can people afford organic good? I mean, I am a full time student living in city of London, yes, that means EXPENSES! Yes, it's true, I am a scrimper, even tough I like to indulge on some things at times, I tend to go for cheaper goods because I am just not able to afford the slightly higher priced shit as I'd like to, like in the cases of many people living in this town. I still do the bits I can aka. recycling. The panel and the audience went on for about a good 2hrs before it was over...and here are some photos I took with my camera :)
It all started with an invitation
new 157
Then a snog
new 167
The aftermath - Managed to snap a couple of photos of the panel
new 159
new 164
The talent at LCF
new 168
new 171
new 170
And of course me, xx
All taken place at the Oxford Circus Campus
new 176