Wednesday, May 15, 2013


It's vital to be in a loving relationship that makes you happy, right?  Well makes you happy most of the time anyway.  However, now a days it looks like there is all types of love lurking around street corners.  A type that gives you compliments everyday all day, a type you can't believe you once loved (because OBVIOUSLY you now realize that you were too good for that love), a type that hurts like a bitch but says 'i love you' and everything gets back to normal, a type where your priorities are put on hold for the sole purpose to prioritize that 'special one' etc...I could go on and on, but I am no mad black woman (Ohh no!), I just happen to have questions, so many questions...especially about the fact that I really havn't been able to settle for any of the types of love out there.  This is no pity love party but rather a little love session about what kind of love is 'ok' to settle for without selling yourself short and what exactly is it that's lurking around the street corners in this city.
Before I lose myself anymore in these thoughts, I'd like to finish my drink and drown my thoughts in alcohol. *cheers*

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Releasing stress

Last week was the same thing as this week.  Overflowed with work, stressed and blah blah blah.  This John Lewis Project is in no doubt fun, however, it gets so stressful working in groups at times! (!!!) I'm only learning as I go along and when I start to lose my mind, I know it is time to walk away and scream and shout and jump around like a Kris Kross groupie...
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And I have come to see that you can't please EVERYONE, and that is okay :)
Til next time, xx

Thursday, May 2, 2013

What I do on a windy day...

On windy days like this, one can't help but wake her tired sister who is knackered from work and asks her if she could take photos of her, yet again on the roof.  Once on the roof, the wind tries to sweep her away but only manages to mess her hair and give a little lift to her skirt.  That is until she starts getting goose bumps and decides to put on her 'go to' trifted jacket and then heads back indoors.  Here is that story in photos...
 Windy day 1

 Windy day 2

 Windy day 3

 Windy day 4

Windy day 5