Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Notting Hill Carnival

This past weekend, there was the carnival in town, The Notting Hill Carnival and it was as usual CHAOTIC! but so fun!!! I went with my sister and my bestie who's in town for the week :) This is actually the first time I spend more than 2hours at the carnival and actually joined in the dances and the crazy fest, and it was a blast!
The carnival girls were super nice!!! and I loved their costumes
After the carnival, we headed to the bridge, the London Bridge and the Tower Gateway Bridge :) It was a great way to end our journey! bliss!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Welcome to Camden

Last week Wednesday, the weather was bliss! so my sister and I ventured to Camden and here are some shots I took as we walked through the town.
2012-08-17 18.57.48_resized
2012-08-17 19.01.02_resized
HoOker heels, shoes I definitely want to add to my growing shoe collection :)
Tees, Tees and more T's :)
And JD was of course my fav :) which I'm going to get next time around just for Grant to sign it :b
2012-08-17 18.58.37_resized
The channel at Camden Lock
2012-08-17 19.10.42_resized
What I had, for £3, not worth it. It was not good :(
Some corners within Camden have a little 'Harry Potter' scenery feel to them, for example this tunnel market
& finally the lady and her bag shop, who made it quite clear that she didn't like people taking photos of her shop because her product are 'up-and-coming'. EXPOSED!
Camden is such a fun little town! very eccentric with its own vibe. As much as I like going there to just walk around or have shisha, I find it a bit more expensive. Maybe that's because many tourists go there and the place is so popular...I don't know. But definitely a place to go to if you come to London.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Again and again

Here we go again. I can't stop babbling about my wonderful time in Indiana...It's been over month now and reality has started to set in. Back to work and I start university next month, which I am really psyched about, majoring in Fashion Design and Marketing :) I'm still sorting out the last bits of my student finance...I still can't get over Indiana, such a relaxing holiday. Especially being there on the 4th of July, it was baking hot, my kind of weather! celebrating with one of my really good friends, Lynds, I just adore her! we were total sports with our outfits, red white and blue :)
An Einstein lookalike street art
Walking down the streets with Grant and Lyndsey, on our way to the pub, before going down the river channel to watch the fireworks
Fireworks Downtown!!
My night ended even better when Siri got me cider instead of beer :) I don't like beer.
Ahhhhhhhhh, I miss it. Miss it all...Like the sunset on our way to Oaken Barrel
2012-07-02 01.59.19
Indi's nights & drives
And 'those' other nights too :b

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Summer love

Saying that I had a good time in Indianapolis is an understatement. I had a blast! I really didn't even want to come back to London. The hot weather, over sized portions, sweet hellos and goodbyes of the people, late night drivings...I miss it all. But back to the story, Summer Love. G and I have known each other since high school :) a high school crush it was. I love the feelings I feel when I'm with him :) We saw each other every day when I was in Indi and as a bit 'cliché' as it might be to write about this, I just can't help myself...
So here's to the time we spent together
That night...with you, DanDan and Mickey at Steak 'n' Shake
to be continued...

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Recap of my time in Indianapolis

While I was in Indi, I went to the Jukebox. It's like a little hidden place to live music and may I say that the spot was rocking and it had a great vibe! One of the bands playing that night was called Mars or the Moon and I was so privileged to meet them. Local celebrities in my eyes :)
Lani, singing her heart out. She is so talented! I honestly got goose bumps, especially when they played 'Ray'.
Still can't pronounce this right :b
Then we played pool
But do check out Mars or the Moon, they are seriously AMAZING that I even asked for a CD!
Mars or the Moon
I'm a HUGE fan of theirs
And before I say 'see you later', here is a quick pic of what I will be blabbing about in my next post, Summer Love :). Here's G. A funny, goofy, handsome, charming and lovable guy I spent time with the whole time I was in Indiana.
Til then, xx.