Thursday, August 2, 2012

Recap of my time in Indianapolis

While I was in Indi, I went to the Jukebox. It's like a little hidden place to live music and may I say that the spot was rocking and it had a great vibe! One of the bands playing that night was called Mars or the Moon and I was so privileged to meet them. Local celebrities in my eyes :)
Lani, singing her heart out. She is so talented! I honestly got goose bumps, especially when they played 'Ray'.
Still can't pronounce this right :b
Then we played pool
But do check out Mars or the Moon, they are seriously AMAZING that I even asked for a CD!
Mars or the Moon
I'm a HUGE fan of theirs
And before I say 'see you later', here is a quick pic of what I will be blabbing about in my next post, Summer Love :). Here's G. A funny, goofy, handsome, charming and lovable guy I spent time with the whole time I was in Indiana.
Til then, xx.