Thursday, August 23, 2012

Welcome to Camden

Last week Wednesday, the weather was bliss! so my sister and I ventured to Camden and here are some shots I took as we walked through the town.
2012-08-17 18.57.48_resized
2012-08-17 19.01.02_resized
HoOker heels, shoes I definitely want to add to my growing shoe collection :)
Tees, Tees and more T's :)
And JD was of course my fav :) which I'm going to get next time around just for Grant to sign it :b
2012-08-17 18.58.37_resized
The channel at Camden Lock
2012-08-17 19.10.42_resized
What I had, for £3, not worth it. It was not good :(
Some corners within Camden have a little 'Harry Potter' scenery feel to them, for example this tunnel market
& finally the lady and her bag shop, who made it quite clear that she didn't like people taking photos of her shop because her product are 'up-and-coming'. EXPOSED!
Camden is such a fun little town! very eccentric with its own vibe. As much as I like going there to just walk around or have shisha, I find it a bit more expensive. Maybe that's because many tourists go there and the place is so popular...I don't know. But definitely a place to go to if you come to London.