Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Jean on top

Another post :)  I'm doing quite good at keeping it up so far.  Onto the subject...today I'm wearing a jean jacket I got in Goodwill.  The story goes along something like how I'd been looking for this type of jacket for what feels like ages.  An oversized jean jacket remeniscent of the late 80s early 90s and something that was not from the High Street Stores ( a bit too commercial ) and Goodwill had it *Thumbs Up* I absolutely adore it, so much that I couldn't even part with it after my little sister asked to have it :b

 I accessorised it with this necklace from the little market in Paris and a head wrap 

 Jeans on top 1

 Jeans on top 2

 The draped skirt is from M&S, worn with my Lacoste high tops 

 Jeans on top 3

 Jeans on top 4

 Jeans on top 5

 Jeans on top 6


  Photos taken by Jawara ( jawaraalleyne.wordpress.com )

Monday, February 25, 2013

The boys and the girl

3 days ago, on Saturday, I went out with friends.  It was a much needed night out with nothing but a bunch of FABULOUS boys around me.  I seriously love living in London and being in good company.  Our night started in Soho and we ended up in Charing X by midnight.  Here's to the good times, xx.

 Jawara, me, Matthew, & Ib

 This past weekend 1

 This past weekend 2

 Working their angles... 

 This past weekend 3

 This past weekend 4

 This past weekend 5

 This past weekend 6

 This past weekend 7

 Double the love... and by the way I WANT THAT WATCH!!!

 This past weekend 8

 Miguel who ended up taking his shirt off...

 This past weekend 9

 This past weekend 10 

 Till next time, X 

Friday, February 22, 2013

Noir saturated

I've started to collaborate with Jawara on building up my blog.  He is this artsy/slightly geeky/creative character whom I've met here at school.


Find out more about Jawara on his blog --> jawaraalleyne.wordpress.com !!!

Here are photos we took today :)





And more to come soon, xx

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Head On: An exhibition at John Prince's Street

Every now and then they change their exhibitions, and this one just made me want to jump in and take the manequin's place just so I can have a feel of these beautiful garments.
JPS Exhibition

 JPS Exhibition

A range of beautifully crafted garment

 JPS Exhibition

 Fyodor Golan SS13.  Millinery by Zara Gorman

 JPS Exhibition

 Gareth Pugh SS12.  Millinery by Philip Treacy

 JPS Exhibition

 Donna Karan AW12.  Millinery by Stephen Jones 

 JPS Exhibition

 I loooove the cuts of this Hannah Marshall SS10 dress.  Millinery by House of Flora

 JPS Exhibition

 Not a big fan of this Yiqing Yin W12, millinery by Paul Stafford.  But the detailing is undeniably well done. 

 JPS Exhibition

And finally, the most enchanting of them all, John Rocha SS13

 JPS Exhibition

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Makale's photos

My super adorable niece is the one who took these photos. She really likes taking the camera and messing about with it and I have to admit I love the photos :) Taken by her little self, they evoke nothing but love and those moments that just make me giggle when I reminisce. So here is a short story, by Makale.
There once was a little girl who liked taking photos of anything she pointed the camera on
First it was of her mother
Then me while I was getting ready to head out
Then again rushed to the bathroom, asking me what I was doing
'Just putting some make-up on' I replied
Once I got in the bedroom, I took the camera from her and took a picture, she wasn't happy
Then I told her I'd get her candy on my way back
The end.