Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Jean on top

Another post :)  I'm doing quite good at keeping it up so far.  Onto the subject...today I'm wearing a jean jacket I got in Goodwill.  The story goes along something like how I'd been looking for this type of jacket for what feels like ages.  An oversized jean jacket remeniscent of the late 80s early 90s and something that was not from the High Street Stores ( a bit too commercial ) and Goodwill had it *Thumbs Up* I absolutely adore it, so much that I couldn't even part with it after my little sister asked to have it :b

 I accessorised it with this necklace from the little market in Paris and a head wrap 

 Jeans on top 1

 Jeans on top 2

 The draped skirt is from M&S, worn with my Lacoste high tops 

 Jeans on top 3

 Jeans on top 4

 Jeans on top 5

 Jeans on top 6


  Photos taken by Jawara ( jawaraalleyne.wordpress.com )