Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Long time no write

OH mon...
It's been so long since i last updated my blog...if you've noticied.
Well, i now live in the BIG city of LONDRES, which is very exciting.
I go to school and i also have a part-time job at a clothing store as a sales assistant.
What else...oh yeah, i have a boyfriend now (blush) of 7months...still going on
Im just happy where im headed with my life really. Beside the effects of the credit crunch and the EXPENSIVE transport system of London, i really have nothing to complain about. Life's good.
Since i'd applied to Uni for september 09, i'm awaiting on the responses of the Unis that i applied to ---majoring in Politics; still got the passion for fashion though and many other things.
Im currently on a 2weeks midterm and 1week off work, which ive taken advantage of to take a trip in the city of Paris to visit family members and do a bit of shopshoparound.
I need a new camera since i lost the last one so that i can visually update my daily interests and adventures that follow.
I'm missing my bf. I just hope that he's having his 5-a-day supplements. Going back to Londres on this Sunday. My coach is for 14hr00. I want to get there early to have the best seat because it just wasnt the case on my way here.
So this is for the ones reading...
A plus.