Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Born in the 80's but loving the 90's

With LFW going on at the moment, there are loads of buzz about what's trending (ps. Neon is set to hit a high this summer), what's in (prints) and what's out (mom's jeans?). I do believe that knowing what's out there is an essential part of fashion because One's got to know what's going on and stay current, however, I also believe that One doesn't necessarily have to join in the 'trend wagon'. One can rock all the trends she wants whenever and One definitely rocks the trends she is, the 'Do You' trend. Ain't nothing hotter than that :)
Here is an era that One is definitely feeling...


Stay true, xx.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012




Dancing...and being myself...

I made the turban I'm sporting last year. The shoes are Lacoste, furry friend and jeggings are from M&S.
Thanks to Rupert who took the pics :)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Can you read my mind?

With only a week left, I am extremely focused on making sure that my stuff is right and well put together. Honestly, I feel so much pressure because getting into university is all I aspire at this moment. It's the next chapter in my life and to get into my first choice would be an unbelievable achivement.
So much pressure I am telling you...but I keep thinking that, in fact, stressing will get me nowhere. Only working hard and staying determined will get me anywhere I'd like to be. And also munching on chocolate and sipping warm green tea will keep me level headed in this painful, sad and cold weather.

Keep warm, xx.