Monday, May 26, 2008

Start of a week

Things started out so well. I took the bus right on time. Didn't even have to wait over 3 minutes. It's a great way to start off the week.
Today was ooookay :) at work. I didn't get yelled at as usual. Just got a few heads up. En plus, there was a lady who complimented on my hair (which i thought made me look a bit monter-ish, no really...because i don't really know how to manage my afro.)
There is a new lady i'm working with now. She's 56 years old and so sweet and funny!

Came back home around 17h15ish because my daily "workly" trip is an hour long.

The bad part is that i can't remember my screen name for this university which i'm in the process of applying. Thankfully, i'm off tomorrow. So i will spend most of my time on the cp trying to finish off all my priorities work, or at least most of them.
Gotta think hard now to remember that screen name...merde!