Tuesday, August 5, 2008

new girl, new age, new rules...

I am officially writing as a 19 years old, young and bright girl with an uplifting spirit :)
I will be moving to London exactly 15 days from now. My co-locataire came to visit me yesterday with some rules that i have to agree upon once i start living with them. It was so interesting...Nearly during their whole speech, i could'nt stop giggling and all that grimace of mine. These are a few of the many rules i was given:
. No boys allowed after 8 p.m
. No girls allowed after 10 p.m
. You are not a house cleaner but you will help around
. Clean after your mess, and occasionally others' mess as well
. No boys are allowed to sleep over, HELL NO NO NO!
. You must ask permission for friends' sleep over
. You must tell us where you're going before leaving the house
. However, you will have your liberty and all (but i thought "won't this interfere with some of the given rules?")
***Anyways i'm still excited to go. I'm also planning to get a part-time job since i am enrolled at school as a full-time student. So if anyone lives in London, England and happens to read this blog, I would love to explore the city and discover more things in my new environment. So holla at me!!!