Sunday, April 14, 2013

Nom Nom (cheese, wine and bread)

Greece, Santorini, an amazing and beautiful place!  A 5 days trip that was just in time before starting school again tomorrow, 3 of which were spent on this little island.  Being that I am a bit of an alcoholic every now and then, Lynds and I visited one the wineries in Thira.  Here is a preview of how we spent our day starting with good eats...
Morning shakes 
Crêpe in the morning 
 And then we went to Santo Winery
 Santo Wines 
 The breathtaking view was the perfect setting for the yummy tasting...
A view... 
Wine tasting 
And of course we took a tour in the winery...
Santo Winery Tour 
Santo Winery 
Santo Winery 
Santo Winery 
 It was a really good, relaxed, yummylicious day and then we had ice cream :).  More to come in the next post. XX