Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Anyone hiring?

Last week I graduated from The London College of Fashion. 
Did it wearing my all time favorite vintage thrift dress (had to change the shoes, the black ones would of made me fall on stage).

So...what now? 
Oh you know, the usual, finding a career and doing something I am passionate about.
But put aside the degree, I am absolutely blessed to have so many beautiful people as my backbone.  
To my family. Dysfunctional most of the times but I am so grateful, you make me want a better life and my sisters who inspire me to be a wonder woman!  You've shown me that it is OK to go after what you want.
My amazing friends.  Most of whom have made me realize what an amazing relationship and bond we share and push me to be a better and kinder person.
Lovers who broke my heart. You lot make me see how much I want to progress in life and not be an idiot with a narrow mind.  But no hard feelings :b

And my supporters!!! Lyndsey aka. Tomato and Ani aka. Anitus/mom's twinie.

I am so happy!
Now hire me!