Monday, July 14, 2014

The night I met Leyla Hussain

I don't really talk about 'issues' on my page and tend to keep everything lighthearted, but this is something that I grew up around and I never really understood the meaning behind it.  Going back to my childhood memories, I'd remember seeing little girls wearing matching dresses with matching head wraps and I would think to myself how much I wanted to be part of their group; but little did I realize that it was the unspoken act that these girls had been cut.
Female Genital Mutilation.
A few months ago, this issue was widely documented by Leyla Hussain, an FGM survivor.  I got to meet her and other women who had undergone the same trauma.  These are strong women who refuse to victimize themselves but chose to stand for a cause.  They stand with their heads high and speak on behalf of the ones who cannot and all the young girls who face the vile act of genital mutilation.
I applause Leyla for strong character, her sincere words and her passion for her cause to put an end to Female Genital Mutilation.  What a privilege it was meeting her, and ever so sweet she was.

And I can't thank Tomato enough for taking me to the show that evening, seeing Jo Brand live and introducing to Leyla. This girl is totally cool like that!!! So sweet and so awesome!